Saturday, February 20, 2010

Art Rage!

the best $80.00 i've ever spent!

I've been using the software Painter user since it came out (and i'm an expert at using it)--- the recent version, Painter 11 has some good tools and i still use it for my 'fine art/digital paintings'

today i decided to download a trial of Art Rage 3 Pro--- after using it for 2 hours, i bought the full version, for an incredible price of $80 bucks!!?!

i spent almost ALL of today using it-- having a blast!! the final art media is incredibly realistic.. and it's easy to use! i love how the canvas utilizes my full Cintiq screenspace.. and the tools are easily hidden. the canvas papers react very well to the media (and look so real!) and they have this new feature that allows you to 'spray paint' on stickers! (which can be done is a cheesy way-- or done with some style and power-- ala using actual Photoshop .abr brushes!)

here is a link to the software:

try it out! you'll be very surprised at how powerful this software is!



This is my first post! i will be updating this site often--- adding Artwork, art related links, etc.

I will also be updating this to reflect what i'm up to-- work, personal, etc.

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