Thursday, October 31, 2013

Road trip -- Plein Air Paint Out / art vacation!

Next week, starting Monday, Nov 4th -- I am planning an 'Art vacation! (mini trip/getaway from Monday to Friday)'

As previously mentioned, my projects at work are wrapping up (after 2.5 yrs on Ryse!) -- and I'm finally taking some time off to re-invigorate myself! ..and what better way to do this than a road trip combined with Art!

My plan is to drive down the Pacific Coastline -- from Seattle to the Oregon area.. and do plein air painting along the way! I have a cabin in Cannon Beach that I'll be staying at for 3-4 days and using that as 'Base Camp' -- and painting various subject matter in that area, as well.

here is a map of the location:

During the evenings, I'll be relaxing -- reading my art books (Richard Schmid's 'Alla Prima II', etc) and also doing some sketchbook drawing. I also plan on visiting the local Art Galleries in Cannon Beach, doing some hiking and spending time on the beach -- enjoying the sights/sounds of the ocean.

I will be updating my Blog daily -- with photos, updates, etc.. so please check back and visit my Blog for updates on my trip and to view new artwork, etc.


Work update (my 'Day job' as an Art Director at Microsoft Studios)

I've been hard at work, for my 'day job' -- working on several video games for the Xbox One, that will launch on Nov 22nd! (the games are: Ryse and Powerstar Golf) -- my role has been Art Direction for these titles.. working with the developers (Crytek = Ryse and Zoe Mode = Powerstar Golf) along with internal folks at my company, Microsoft Studios. I'm really excited for the World to see/play these games!

Here is some more information on them:

“Ryse: Fight for Rome” – a cinematic trailer that sets up the story of Ryse:

“Path of Vengeance” TV Spot – this is our full :60 TV commercial:

“Forging the Armor and Weapons in Ryse: Son of Rome” – this video features master swordsmith Tony Swatton (aka “Man at Arms”) creating a highly authentic replica armor and sword set:

Powerstar Golf

Announce Trailer

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marymoor Park - study #1

I pass by this park everyday (to and from work at Microsoft, in the Seattle area) and today I brought my plein air supplies to capture the fall foliage/colors. I hope to do several more of these over the next 2 weeks -- Fall is disappearing fast!

Oils on canvas (8x10) -- 45 minute study

(click on image to view a larger version)