Friday, December 10, 2010

New Artwork: "Embracing our differences" - by Chad Greene

Just completed this last night. This is going to be part of a series of Abstract Expressionist paintings that i'm working on for a gallery showing.

(click the below image to see a larger sized version)

"Embracing our differences" - by Chad Greene

i have been working on this particular piece for about a month (at nights, on weekends, etc) -- and i'm really excited over the results-- i may be on to something! As with most expressionist pieces, it started out very sub-conscious-- just laying down color/values.. then it started to take shape/form.. somewhere in the creation process i started seeing figures emerge and worked on bringing meaning to the central part of the image (figure embracing other shapes). i particularly like the amount of texture and how it works with the shapes and color.. and how each area of the image gives the eye something to rest upon and study.

i had a lot of fun working on this--- sort of 'art therapy' for me, since it's so different from my usual style(s) and from my 'day job!' working on computers all day, making video games!

stay tuned for more! ..and thanks for viewing!