Saturday, November 23, 2013

Xbox One has launched!!

well, after many years of research and development on the hardware (and software/games) -- the Xbox One launched on November 22nd!

I was proud to work alongside such passionate and talented people that came together to create the future of video games and entertainment!

As for my contributions: I was part of a Content Council that reviewed/discussed all of our Day 1 launch games (over the course of 2.5 yrs, in terms of my time involvement).. and we had several meetings with the Hardware team(s) to review the console as it was being developed and to provide input and other suggestions. I was also responsible for the Art Direction of 2 launch titles: Ryse and Powerstar Golf (working with the developers: Crytek and Zoe Mode) -- great job, teams!!

Here are some misc pics from the past week's launch event(s):

(Fireworks were launched from our offices/campus in Redmond, WA!)
(one of the games that I worked on: Powerstar Golf)
(one of the games that I worked on: Ryse)
(Zombies -- playing Dead Rising 3!)

(Macklemore performed at the NYC launch event)

(The New Zealand Xbox was guarded by sharks!)
(Zombies have taken over NYC!)

(Roman soldiers, for Ryse, march the streets of NYC)

(Roman soldiers, for Ryse, march the streets of NYC)

(fans wait in line for the NYC launch event!)
(the first Xbox One consoles arrived via armored trucks!)
(some of the first in the US to receive their Xbox One consoles!)

(Master Chief got his Xbox One!)

(for our contributions - we received a special edition version of the Xbox One! -- this is mine! :))