Saturday, December 25, 2010

New 'Facebook page' for Chad W Greene

Merry Christmas!

i have created a new Facebook page, to be used for promoting my artwork (and to provide updates, info, etc)

 Here is a link to view this:

Click the 'Like' button on the Facebook page to receive info, updates, etc.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Artist Spotlight - Andrew (android) Jones

Andrew Jones is a true modern day visionary artist that inspires this generation of digital artist's with his work and his teachings.. he is one of the founders of the successful studio, Massive Black

Andrew has also been traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and creating awesome artwork along the way! in addition to his own work, he finds time to teach workshops, post demo's online of his techniques (which have influenced thousands of artist's, including myself) and he does live painting at clubs and events-- while the DJ spins the music (and he states that the music and people influence the final piece)

Andrew Jones website

Google image search of his work: Andrew Jones

if you are involved in creating digital art (or just like to be inspired watching a very creative person in action!) check out these training videos-- HIGHLY recommended! -- LINK to videos

you can also find him posting live on the community site, (which i'll be giving a 'shout out' to very soon in other post-- as it's one of the best art sites out anywhere!)